Friday, March 18, 2011

Lauren Hutton Style

Around 1970, I  can remember my first glimpse of Lauren Hutton in a magazine. She was  natural, beautiful and had the famous flaw, a gap tooth smile. I immediately loved her style. Her first movie was  American Giglo with Richard Gere. Her style in that movie has stayed in my memory all these years.  She is an inspiration for women . Her modeling career continues even at the age of 66.   Lauren is also know for her adventurous spirit, having wrestled alligators, traversed the arctic in a dog sled and spent time with African tribesman.   She had a near death experience in a motorcycle accident in 2000. Yet she is still appearing on magazine covers, has her own makeup line and continues to appear in movies.  She has always remained true to herself and I guess thats what counts the most.  Go Girl!

Lord and Taylor Ad

Photo courtesy of splash

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