Monday, November 29, 2010

November 2010

Check out your own Boutique

Whoopie Red Velvet

Black Friday has arrived !  I am fearful of going anywhere near
the mall on wild shopping days.  I found this traditional sterling silver piggy bank.
Thinking of keeping it simple this year, possibly buying a piggy and
attaching a gift card and filling it with lots of change. Its very old fashion but
it never breaks and works for years!
Happy Shopping keep it simple! 

Walnut Fudge
My favorite walnut Fudge
Happy Thanksgiving

1/2 cup butter
1cup semisweet chocolate chips
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2cups white sugar
1(5ounce can evaporated milk
10 large marshmellows
1cup chopped walnut

1. Butter an 8x8 inch dish
2. Place butter, chocolate chips and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Set aside
3. In a medium saucepan over medium heat. combine sugar.milk and  marshmellows,
bring to boil stirring frequently.  Reduce heat to low and cook 6 minutes more.
stirring constantly. Remove from heat.
4. Pour marshmallow mixture over contents of mixing bowl. beat entire mixture until
it thickens and loses its gloss.  Quickly fold in nuts and pour into prepared pan.
refrigerate several hours until firm

Scarlett Johansson Deputs new
short bob!  I like it!

Ferragamo Villa
When you think of Ferragamo you may think of beautiful shoes, handbags and clothing.  Think again with real estate, the family restored an entire town in Tuscany 30 miles southeast of Florence.  The Ferragamo family appropriately appointed the partriach's namesake and grandson, 29 year old Salvatore,  schooled in New York and has a business degree from New York University to  oversee  the project . The family purchased 1,700 acres filled with olive trees, chianti grapes,  and  horse stables, with run down turn of the century villas. The family created their own winery. As well as ten buildings and a 56 room villa for the family.  This magnificent accomplishment deserves more attention.   I will be making a trip to Tuscany in June and will be sure to make a visit to this paradise   

Fashion Ferragamo

Il Borro

Villa Ferragamo

Pool Outside each Villa

Old Structure on the Ferragamo property

Ferragamo Wine

Happy Thanksgiving 
Wishing everyone a joy filled day with a festive
gathering of family and friends 
Festive November!
It really is a glorious time of year! The atmosphere is filled with an avalanche of beautiful colors!The preparation for yummy thanksgiving is around the corner ! Fall wardrobes are finding there way in to our closets! Holiday decorating and table settings are showing up in your favorite shops! NYC comes alive with displays and holiday shopping! My blog beginning this month will update each week with news and updates, recipes, events and lots more! Spend some time absorbing the beauty of the season!



The Ice Box Cake
This recipe only uses chocolate wafers and whip cream

Add Strawberry or coconut to the top!


                                             Future Princess of Monaco                                     
With her classic good looks, blonde chignon hairstyle and immaculate style, the poised model photographed amid the splendour of the Palace Princier in Monaco could easily be mistaken for its most famous former resident, Grace Kelly, the Hollywood actress who became Princess Grace of Monaco.n fact, it is Charlene Wittstock, a former Olympic swimmer, who is set to become the next Princess of Monaco when she marries the late Princess Grace's son, Prince Albert. The couple met 10 years ago at a swimming competition in Monte Carlo!
In her first interview since the royal wedding was announced earlier this year, the South African sporting champion has spoken of the challenges she has faced making the transition from the life of an athlete to that of a future royal bride. A July 2011 wedding is planned for Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock 

San Francisco's Most Stylish Address
Open November 4-21st
renovated 4,500 square foot home
For Information on Elle Showhouse

A Private Wine Cellar Designed by Kruis

A Private Cellar in Flanders

The Belgian interiors firm Bourgondisch Kruis excels at designing rustic-looking wine cellars with state-of-the-art storage technology. The vaulted walls of this cellar, built for a private Flanders residence in 2004, are made from reclaimed limestone; the cabinets were built with 17th-century oak.
 Donna Hay is one of my favorites!  I love her style and food creation hints !  Her softness appears on her magazine pages and in her books displaying style and dream foods !  When preparing a simple meal,
 I glance through the pages  of her magazine, it helps  me dream up something special...

Donna Hay Style Ice Cream served in array of cups
Modern Classics (Book 

Wrap Deserts to take home Donna Hay Style
The Instant Cook



Now in its 38th year, the Kips Bay Decorator House gives decorators from around the country an opportunity to display their talents in an elegant townhouse setting on New York’s Upper East Side. We’ve highlighted some of the spectacular spaces created for this year’s event, but if you have the chance, check it out for yourself. Tickets are $30, and all proceeds go to a great cause, the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club.38th Annual Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse, 106 East 71st Street., through November 11,2010 ;      Here is the informat


                     92 Lafayette Gallery Opening
Gallery Opening Suffern NY
"72 Layafette"

               The paintings you see here can be viewed at the new gallery!

                                                     Fashion The Skirt

Pencil Skirts with colored tights

Boot shoe J Crew
Ruffled skirt with Boot Shoe

To order olivewood bead bracelets
$10.00 for 2 bracelets

Arm Warmers SaleCable Knit Arm Warmer Fingerless Long Gloves Gray

Chanel or Gap!  Buy the Chanel for $1200.00 or the Gap for $29.00.  I couldn't pass up this gap bag!  Its has a wonderful nylon look and  resembles the Chanel bag! 

Chanel Bag
Gap Bag

Pomegranates grow wild from Iran to northern India, but they are cultivated throughout India, the Middle East, southern Europe and California. Scientists in Israel have been conducting research on the health benefits of pomegranates and pomegranate juice for years, and now others have joined in.
What are pomegranates good for? Researchers report that they are rich in antioxidants that can keep bad LDL cholesterol from oxidizing (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, May 2000). This degradation of LDL seems to be an initial step in the development of atherosclerosis. In addition, pomegranate juice, like aspirin, can help keep blood platelets from clumping together to form unwanted clots.
Does this make any difference clinically? More recent research has found that eight ounces of pomegranate juice daily for three months improved the amount of oxygen getting to the heart muscle of patients with coronary heart disease (American Journal of the College of Cardiology, Sept. 2005). Other researchers report that long-term consumption of pomegranate juice may help combat erectile dysfunction (Journal of Urology, July 2005).
Investigators are also excited about the possibility that pomegranate compounds might prevent prostate cancer or slow its growth. In mice, treatment with pomegranate extract delayed the development of tumors and improved survival (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Sept. 26, 2005). Other research reports suggest that pomegranate juice might help reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Benefits of Fennel: 
Anemia-Iron and histidine, an amino acid found in fennel are helpful in treatment of anemia.
Indigestion: reduces inflammation of stomach and intestines and facilitates proper absorption of nutrients
Constipation: roughage helps clearance of bowels whereas the stimulating effect helps maintain the proper peristaltic motion of the intestines, thereby helping proper excretion.
Diarrhea: Fennel is helpful in curing diarrhea if caused by bacterial action.
Eye Care:  While using fennel in food it helps protect eyes from inflammation, discorders related to aging, macular degeneration etc.
the presence of vitamin-C, amino acid like arginine which is very beneficial for rejuvenation of tissues and prevention of aging. The juice of fennel leaves can be externally applied on the eyes to reduce  irritation and fatigue of the eyes..

Health Benefits of Chestnuts

  • Chestnut is a good body builder food and recommended in cases of emaciation (wasting away of body tissues).
  • Chestnut aids in the care of the teeth and treatment of pyorrhea.
  • The leaves are used as remedy in fever.
  • Chestnut is use in convulsive cough such as whooping cough and in other condition of the respiratory organ
  • Chestnut can help repair microscopic holes and leaks in blood vessels and capillaries; it can also help  make the vein wall elactic therfore preventing swelling and damage