Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Feeling comfortable in your own skin!

There is only one of a kind and that is you!  Keep thinking
of  how special you are. No one else was created just
as you are and that entitles you to  the best of care! 

 Remember to honor your body's needs through 30-40 minute runs or exercise,  long showers, moisture, drink lots of water.Eat clean food and get plenty of  sleep. Feed your mind healthy thoughts.  Keep negative thinking out.

Make a list of the things you need to do to take care of yourself so you feel healthy and grounded, and then schedule them into your day. It’s easier to feel good about who you are when you make your needs priorities.

Maintain a happy, healthy spirit

Without inner peace, authenticity is fleeting. Consequently, I meditate if you can and do my best to live where peace is found—in the present moment.  Watch up lifting movies or do go after happy experiences.
Nothing helps my spirit soar as much as laughter. It helps me see the world through younger eyes and reminds me that, no matter what, every moment contains hope and possibilities.
Take time out to nurture your spirit, whether that means practicing yoga, walking on the beach, or simply relaxing. In order to be comfortable with yourself, you first need to be comfortable just being.
And always keep in mind…
Finding your authenticity—finding yourself—will help you feel your beauty. When you endeavor to be who you are and be true to yourself, you will automatically feel attractive and unique.
Also, it is important to remind yourself that beauty is never dependent upon the approval of others. Quite the contrary, beauty is very much self-defined and self-created. The only person who can ever truthfully tell you “you are beautiful” is also the only person who can “make you beautiful.”
You are the only person who can do this.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back to France

Cannes, France

Hello sweet people!   Missing my French friends  and the beauty of the
amazing journey through France with girl friends.   My hope was to blog through
the vacation, However, Internet connections did not go well in the area of Nice and Provence.
Will post  some photos and little bits about the trip!
Still, on  busy days I sit and day dream I'm riding the train along the Mediterranean!

Cannes was much more crowded than I remember!  Blockades every where.
When I used to vacation there  there were barely any tourists just french
vacationers.   However, it still is a magical place on the ocean.  One
could feel, the thrill of  the  Elite Movie  Festival. Cannes has 12 hours of sun light
each day and sits on the Mediterranean.  We took a train from Nice (approx 30 min)
the views  were  dreamy! 
I purchased my first Chanel bag in Cannes! 

Au revoir!

Cassis /  My favorite part of Provence

Cassis Cafe

Beach in Canne, France
Avignon, France  ( Provence region)

Chateau La Costa Winery near Cezanne's Studio (French Painter)
studio below

 On our trip  to France we met  a lovely lady, Wendy Roehrig.  She  adored Chanel and made it over
to 31 Cambon in Paris.  Wendy just sent me photos of her with Coco Chanel
Thank you Wendy!

Under the Tower

Sienna Miller on a poster in Paris

Monday, July 6, 2015

Emily in France

Hi Emily,   Enchante!  ( translation: Please to meet you!)

Hello, Just got back in the states after an exceptional  experience and vacation to France.   We met wonderful  people during our stay.  One lovely up and coming pretty model was Amanda and her grandmother Amy! She was kind enough to do some quick photo ops and you can see she has a great future ahead of her.   Couldn't resist the opportunity after seeing her in those shoes purchased in Nice!

By the way, my friends and I just missed the Paris haute couture Fashion shows,on July 5th.   Versace runway was showing beautiful sheers with threads of loving flower head pieces. See below

Took a photo through the doors of the GRAND PALAIS where employees
were setting up for a  fashion show

Flower market.   Maybe where Versace designers found influence in their collection

Thank You for posing Amanda!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

France in June

Eiffel Tour at Night

Bonjour Loves! My girls trip to France began in Nice. The  south of France was perfect this time of year. I will be sharing many photos with you in the coming days. So far my favorite was Cassis on the French Rivera . 
 The heat in Paris on 4th of July  has been in the 90's.
The time walking around was  very busy with crowds of tourists. Thank goodness for over cast which made the heat  bearable.  We found an outdoor market today and picked up a lunch of Brie cheese,   loaf of bread,  fresh berries, olives and a fig.
So much for our Paris outfits that in a short time became drippy.