Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beach Life

Lovely weather for a summer weekend and 3 glorious  days at the Jersey shore. While strolling the beaches and  visiting the boardwalk we ran into the filming of the Jersey Shore  crew. Unfortunately I have never seen the show or know what Snooki looks like. We observed the Jersey crowd for all of 10 minutes and continued to Kohr's ice cream stand.  Lastly I was able to shoot  the beach colors that appeared  brilliant against the  blue sky making  colorful towels and beach umbrellas perfect photo ops.  Another surprise was running into a favorite actress  from Sex in the City! You may have to scroll to end to find out who it was!    Goodbye July!

Transportation for the surfboard

Pink Tiki Umbrella

Making a fashion statement

Lavalette NJ

I won this at the board walk
All Blue Skies 

The one Hour Float

The Early Morning Walk

Getting to the Beach

Tom Bike Riding

At church this morning I happen to sit near Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) from  Sex in The City ! And  happen to have my camera. We spoke to her after mass  and amazingly she was the same height had the same beautiful blue eyes , smiled and spoke exactly as Cynthia. However, she told us she was not the actress! We did not believe her and gave her a hug and told her we loved her anyway.  What do you think?  Yes or No!

Thank You for being so sweet Cynthia or who ever you were!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The House of Missoni

The Missioni matriarch Ottavio, turned 90 years old this year!  The House of Missioni has been a fashion legion, known for their intricate zig zag knits. This ready to wear collection for 2011-12 appears to be created from a fairy tale!  Sweet little girls wrapped in languid coats and maxi sweaters. Similar to creatures that populate fables, the models wear a rainbow of pale, pastel colours on neutral bases such as pearl grey and cream. A revision of English fabrics such as Prince of Whales or gigantic hounds tooth, used for coats with unfinished edges, alternates with elaborations of sweaters that create volumes or the Missoni cult elements such as the Zigzag or flaming jacquard. The sweetness effect grows with skirts in silk velvet and dresses embroidered in fable-like motifs. The knits appear to  be hand knitted with super size needles and handspun wool. A trend that will delightful this fall!
 I found a video of Marghuerita Missioni in the factories to share with you below.. Enjoy!  Happy Friday!


Video  Marghuerita Missoni In the Factories

Missoni Turnes 90

Happy Birthday Mr. Missioni

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Carven Hip Resort 2012

Guillaume Henry of Carven has been able to energize the House of Carven back from the dead., Henry loves to create and come up with clothes that girls will feel cool,  offhand sweet, edgy and sexy, especially in the pinafores cut to the thigh, the curvy jacket, the parkas cropped to hit the waistline, the primness of the collared shirt and ballerina skirts. The pieces are wonderful for a mix and match playing dress up. Considering this is the first Resort  Collection for  Henry. Bravo!