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           Why advertise with Madison Muse?
The moment Madison Muse came onto the fashion scene, we quickly became a daily lifestyle and fashion buzz stop, where our clever and informative posting and blogging is directly associated with Madison Muse as a current fashion news as well as travel, interiors and beauty shopping. Our  information  is shared in a   colorful and diverse graphic and creative style from Madison Muse founder and creative design team. Madison Muse regularly attracts a dedicated and constantly growing of US and an international audience comprised of 21-65 year old females looking for stylish, high quality designer collections as well as interior design visions and accessory inspirations they can identify with and build their loyalty. Madison Muse is a Web Fashion Magazine that brings current creative news each and everyday in the world of Fashion, Interior, Travel and Beauty.
Madison as a  free phone app that is updated each and every day with current
fashion news and beauty ideas!

        Who’s reading Madison Muse Blog?

99% of readers are female, 60% are between 21-30 years of age
39% are between 35-50 years of age 75% have children
47% have an annual household income of $60K+ 23% earn over $100K+
41% of readers visit at least once a day 32% visit several times a week
30% visit several times a day
 Technorati positions Madison Muse in the  150 range  out of 9800 fashion blogs! We aim to be in the top 100 in last than a few months!
As of February 2012, we  currently attract no less than 700 to 1200 viewers per day! Our goal is to have 1 million views per month in less than one year!
Just think for $75.00 per month you will reach 1000 people per day!
Stats Available from Google!

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Madison Muse offers ad tiles in two different sizes on a monthly basis with a first-time minimum purchase of two months. Ads can appear on the right-hand or left side of the blog. They are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Animated gifs are accepted.

                             Medium Ad Option:

Above is an example of the medium ad size available on Queen Grace Weekly Dish. These ads measure 250 x 250 pixels. They appear when readers load the home page and all other pages. The medium ads are currently available for ad space purchase. For current pricing, please e-mail

                              Large Ad Option:

Above is an example of the large sized ad available on Queen Grace Weekly Dish. These advertisements measure 300 x 600 pixels. They appear when readers load the home page and all other pages. The large ads are currently available for purchase. For current pricing, please e-mail


Text Links: Branded message and link to your company or blog delivered seven days a week to our subscribers via RSS Feed; this advertising option is a flat $75 per month . Text links are most often located under our company social media banners (Twitter and Facebook).

                           SPONSORED POSTS

If you have a product, design, event or service that you believe is an ideal fit with Madison Muse Blog style and content, if would like a sponsored post or giveaway highlighting that product/service, contact us directly via email at; with details and someone will quote you current market rates.
Sponsored posts can include (1) large or (2) small custom banner ads, proper text links with RSS feed, a brief company bio, (10) branded “tweets” and an endorsement post on the Madison Muse with professional editorial by Madison Muse editorial writers and guest contributors. All sponsorship posts are marked as such in compliance with FTC regulations. Theses sponsored posts act as an introduction to a products and/or service and may contain discounts, promotional codes and/or giveaways.
An Important Note: Advertising on the Madison Muse, must be relevant to readers and we reserve the right to refuse and decline any product(s) and service(s) that are not appropriate or in harmony with the ideals, values, ethos and aesthetics of our authored blogs.