Monday, December 31, 2012

A list for New Year 2013

Happy New Year  to  my extraordinary friends.
 Each year you hear my song dance about goals and aspirations and  I encourage you to make your list and share goals as well. Here we are my loves, smack ready for 2013 and its time to look ahead and  ponder  over your 2012 ! This was last years post!

 In 2012 I have traveled, had an exciting project in Italy, received invites to  shows at fashion week.  Met new interesting clients and  lots of  new  friends. Had job and project offers. Received many surprises good and bad.  Above all I am so grateful for  this year,  I continue to work towards more artistic challenges and sometimes wonder  how to measure my goals and push myself to achieve more. This year I realized that everything happens the way it should for the bigger picture.  We all work and do what we can do to achieve what is expected of us. We  finish school, land a new job,  take care of a loved one, join a gym,  find a new hobby, move to a new location, make people smile and by the end of year we realized our best drawn plans  are shifted by life experiences.   So, that doesn't mean we can't push forward and make our  2013 list and if you need the encouragement and having trouble with your path. I will support you! Most of all never give up on your ideas , dreams and most of all yourself.  You all are pretty extraordinary and magical, so work it!  
  My list for 2013

1) Add  knowledge (learn something new)!  

2) Finish chapters in my book! 

3) Have more patience with people that need my help!

4) Bring  new creative stories to Madison Muse !
Attend more events!

5) Create a fashion accessory

6) Think way outside the box

7) Make changes to help for a better future!

8) Mark my calendar with everything

9) Keep every business card and organize them

10) Stand by what I believe! 

11) Take more photographs (street fashion and interiors) 

12) Eat to be healthy 

13) Walk NYC more!

14) Re-decorate my office

15) Help and encourage others (Meet more people)!

Rockefeller Center

Before the fashion Show

Friday, December 28, 2012

Creative Space In 2013

Paint the walls and clear the decks.   Year 2013 is approaching and the  work space needs revamping!  We have so much to do in  365 days of this year so let's get started.  My desk is being cleared and clutter is going in the trash.  Preparing  a clean slate  to let  the creative juices flow ! Arrange the files    and bring out the new calendar. Buy a comfy chair and get ready for 2013.  Nature is right outside my window.  I should fill the   birdhouse  feeder for the winter months and  watch my fine feathered friends come by for a visit. They too bring inspiration.

Have fun preparing for your New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fashion Sparkle

Merry Christmas! Wishing you a magical day with love in your heart. Blessings  of family and friends in your life .   Wear sparkle in your heart and bring love to the dinner table!

Merry Christmas!