Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Hair

Hair care for summer months!   Sun and  humidity can  change the texture of pretty hair.
How to decide what products work best for you!  Simply experiment.
To calm the frizzes I discovered  basic vaseline. A tiny amount  rubbed through
hair can add shine and manage humidity.
Love you summer and your hair!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Trends

Hello my friends, I hope you are enjoying the pretty weather June.   Yesterday, I had  a project at the beach and I forgot how  beautiful the ocean water and white sand  calms the mind.
It made me want to enjoy all the treats of summer time.

  Summer Trends  are leaning towards clean  classic style, light sheers, pastels beige on whites, pretty blues , thin stripes in seer sucker fabrics. Linen blouses, Light floral sheer dresses and skirts.   I've seen long slim summer dresses with sandal and sneakers.  All pretty chic!! 
It's 7 AM and I am starting my day with a quick walk in the neighborhood.  See you soon!

Enjoy the weekend!