Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's All White

One of my favorite things to research  is white on white trends!  Fashion, Interiors, Lovely creatures, accessories,  shoes, eyewear, beauty, entertaining, Pantone white for everything.   Oh! we  can go on forever.  Would love to have one room devoted to photographs of white.  Let me start here!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Legs for Fashion

Legs, Where to Now?

Hi my lovelies! Hanes Hosiery requested a story about where my legs have taken me through miles of  fashion blogging, So here is my  blog post of where it began! Hope you enjoy!

Missing my  stylish office brimming with  fabrics and a great design day job was critical.  Selling my company gave me less stress and quality time.  Except, I so missed the day to day design environment and hectic pace of NYC . While combing through fashion publications at Barnes and Noble one day, I wondered  if it would be possible with some motivation and creativity to develop my own fashion web magazine !  Over the years I had collected dozens of black portfolio's filled with thousands of  fashion and interior photos. So, with  some knowledge, web design courses and a  pair of strong legs why not give it a try!

Without hesitation, I signed up at the local college! The first day I  raced to  my web design class with anticipated excitement!    As soon as  class completed, my  laptop ,camera and legs became my best friends!   My days began  by walking my dog  and thinking about  my  fashion posts , I could barely  wait to write my blurb and upload  my photos. I booked  trips to Italy, Paris  and the South of France in the last two years,  sight-seeing became more detailed  and couldn't wait to explore every inch, even some places seen for the second time. Fashion blogging made travel adventures exciting because I knew I could share them.

 My  legs  found new  energy and  they began to take  me places seen with a new light only dreamed, every step  was documented and shared with  readers. There were endless times I'd race 30 city blocks and just kept walking. Each time I walked an event or combed the blocks of NYC.  Whether running to catch a  cab, riding  bikes in Paris and Florence, hanging out at the beach, an airport, or museums, my legs kept moving in hopes of finding the next great fashion photo for  my blog! Just 2 years ago I began "Madison Muse"   and  now we have  50,000 readers.   Grateful that  my legs  have held it together, and happy to have fabulous friends that can bare with me through blogging on vacations. Have to run and  catch my bus,  there are many more miles to happily endure for Madison Muse!


California Golfing

 Shopping near the Spanish Steps in Rome



Tahoe Skiing

New Jersey Shore






Madison Muse Girl on the Run

Positano, Italy
Really did not want to show this one!

That's All Folks

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Fashion

 So let the games begin!  How about the designer Olympic fashion being worn !  It's no secret  top designers are honored to create outwear for the Olympians!  Ralph Lauren , Stella Mc Cartney and Prada are only a few!  Our USA team fashion is quite classic!

Quote for the day!

"Failure will not overcome me so long as my will to succeed is stronger" - Micheal S. Kirby

Ralph Lauren for the Olympeans (read more)

Stella McCartney for Britain

Giorgio Armani for the Italians and Prada for Sailing

Team USA, the pride of America, will be proudly wearing their red, white and blue. Ralph Lauren Corporation and the United States Olympic Committee have unveiled the official Team USA Opening Ceremony Parade Uniforms .

Read About Last Night opening Ceremony