Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fashion Fifties- Georges Dambier

A wonderful  display of  Photographs of early 50's fashion by Georges Dambier is on display at Bonni Benrubi Gallery NYC. (Who's That Girl?) His photos  have influcenced  fashion designers and capture the essence of the classic 50's woman!

When French photographer Georges Dambier shot for Elle magazine in the ’50s, he brought a new sensibility to the world of fashion photography, which had tended toward photographs of models in antiseptic studio settings. Dambier’s portraits are full of life and emotion, showing women in real-world settings and situations. The photographer’s subjects have included such icons as Brigitte Bardot, Suzy Parker and Catherine Deneuve. The exhibition is now Through May 14

         Bonni Benrubi Gallery, 41 E. 57th St., 212-888-6007

Suzy Parker Hydrangea for Elle (Spring Collection Paris 1953)

Marie Helene et la Posisson Rouge (Paris 1957

Barbar Mullen On the Boardwalk, St Tropez 1957
Barbara and Marie Helene, pour Elle , Cap d'Antibes, Eden Roc, 1957

Ghislaine Arsac
Groupe Place de La Concord, for Jour de France, 1960

The Bikini Girl on the Boardwalk for Jour de France, Deauville, 1959
Marie Helene et la Posisson Rouge Paris 1957

Girl in Red at Place de La Concorde, for Elle Winter Collection Paris 1957
Simone D'allilencourt for Archnee 1959

Catherine and Anka, for Elle, Saint Tropez 1961


  1. Wow thanks for sharing! I love vintage fashion photos! They have a certain touch of Glamour that you just don't see anymore! xo

  2. The exhibition has been extended until may 27th


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