Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healthy Skin for Fall and Winter

Beautiful radiant skin is admired more than all the fashion on the runways!  Today we discuss a few tips on  healthy, beautiful skin especially in cold winter months.   There are days when the last thing on my mind is my skin and its appearance. If each day,  I   donate  10 minutes of my thoughts to healthy skin it may help  control my eating habits and what goes into my body! We can try this together!  

Here are some simple  ways to keep skin pretty !
1).  Drink lots of water! Try to keep a water bottle with you and keep filling it .
Drink at least 8 oz,   5 to 8 times per day 
2) After cleansing, let your face dry naturally. Let the water dry into your pours!
3) Use a moisturizer morning and evening. If traveling, put eye cream in your bag and apply on the plane.
PS. Don't forget to moisture your neck and decollete area
4)  Take your makeup off before  bedtime.
5) Smoking robs skin of moisture and causes  hot flashes. Try to cut back or stop!
6) Sunscreen  is wonderful and very important to protect against rays from the sun.
7) Eat fruits and veggies for glowing skin.
Hint: Consume ground Flax Seed 
8) Exfoliate twice a week with product or rough facial gloves
Hint:  Use Lemons for for bleaching freckles.
9) For clear white eyes.  Use real tears for moisture.
10). Use body cream and massage each day  into cellulite . Difference is amazing 
11) Try to get solid hours of sound sleep! 
12) Limit your stress ( impossible as it seems)!
13) Avoid long hot baths. Robs skins of moisture
14)Plan some fun and laugh each day!
15) Treat yourself to Manicure and Pedicures for relaxation!

Oops! One more thing Wear Sunglasses to Protect your eyes against the sun!

Enjoy Your Wednesday

Wear Sunglasses

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