Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ralph Lauren Fashion 2017

Ralph Lauren held his fashion show at his NYC Flag ship location
He has set up a "see now and buy now" from full looks to all accessories.

The best of American Design

His clothes radiate western and   expensive  appeal.
nothing but the finest threads from Ralph's fabrications.

Enjoy your weekend  my friends

Friday, September 16, 2016

Marc Jacobs Runway 2016

Leave it to Mark Jacobs to create a wild and creative fashion show.
The models wore crayon colored dread lock  wigs.  Textures of Brocades, silks, furs,satins, denims metallics and knits were pieced together, somewhere between Madonna's  "Desperately Seeking Susan" and "Zoolander"

I wonder what pieces will make it into the boutiques.
Gotta give him credit, Mark's show was far from boring.
The garments were made with attention to every detail and
the beautiful workmanship.

 See you on Ralph Lauren,s post later today!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Alexander Wang NYC Fashion Week 2016

Hello,   It's been awhile and I couldn't let NYC Fashion week go
without a post or two.    Today Alexander Wang showed his
collection with a strong California vibe.  
I like simplicity and this collection reflects basics
with a twist and turn of fabric ties.  
Soft fabric and colors still prevail.  The sandals are
rich leather that are buckled at the ankle. The  small handbags
are very cool accents and a reminder that small is better.
I wish you a wonderful fall and will stay in touch!

Alexander Wang

Wang was after a similar effect last season, but the way he went about it then was less subtle. It doesn’t get much more clich├ęd than pole dancer prints. Backstage he called this show, “50 Shades of Grey meets Lords of Dogtown.” Sex is still essential to the message, but he went about delivering it in a way that felt truer to brand Wang, tapping into his California roots. It didn’t all boil down to a bathing suit, but it came close. There were bikini tops made from button-down fabric and silk evening numbers modeled after bikinis. Rash guards morphed into clingy knit dresses and boudoir-ish slips were cut in neon tracksuit material. This wasn’t radical stuff, but it was cool. And it gibes with what a seatmate described as social media’s tendency to turn all of us, but maybe young women most of all, into exhibitionists. Wang has always been in step with the zeitgeist. In fact, it was so cool that anybody over, oh, say, 35 (with the exception, of course, of dear old Madge), might’ve left feeling alienated. For people like us? There’s the Adidas collab.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Beach Cover Up

Fun in the sun with Pretty Beach Cover ups !  

Friday, July 15, 2016

Prayers for Nice France

 Beautiful Nice.  Why such hatred??  Prayers for all the families that have
been harmed by this senseless act of violence!
Let's not live in fear but with bravery and continue to love
the beautiful places on this planet  that God  created.
Prayers that  evil doers  may find another solution in their  tormented minds then 
turn to violence  and harm  innocent people.


Friday, July 8, 2016

Trevi Fountain Cat Walk

Summer is heating up in Rome
Fendi  and Karl Lagerfeld created a walk on water fashion show at the Trevi Fountain 
The event was a celebration of the house's founding 90 years ago in the
Eternal City