Saturday, September 16, 2017

Plank Exercise for Flat Stomach

Image result for model with flat stomach
Achieving a Flat stomach

Good Morning friends!

Belly Fat irritates me!    After seeing all the tiny waist lines
on the fashion runways. I started to wonder how to maintain that trim slender appearance  around our middle area.   The answers came as a surprise.  I had been doing sit ups until
I turn blue and it never seemed to help.   Then I came across the Plank exercise and for me it was much easier then all the other work outs I've been doing.   Check out the video below!

The other important suggestion was drinking lots of water.  At least 8 glasses per day
and including  lemon,  12 Mint leaves  & cucumber to help with weight loss.
 Each day or the past week on my desk is a  container filled with what my friends call the salad water.
Here is the recipe:  

  • Half cucumber sliced
  • One lemon cut into slices
  • 12 mint leaves  (very easy to grow in your garden) comes back every year!)
  • large pitcher filled with water

One obstacle is an  appetite . Mine never quits. Trying to teach myself to eat in moderation and small quantities.  Maybe small bites at least 5 times during the day.    No eating after 6:00.  Hope to report good results.  Let's try it together.  

Happy weekend my loves


Image result for lemon-cucumber water
                                                   Lemon, cucumber, mint leaf water

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New York Fashion Week Sept 2017

Summer's gone already and New York fashion week is upon us.
The venues have changed and many designers choosing to show
their lines at their own locations.
See link above for the updates.
Looking forward to seeing  all the new creations for 2018!

Did you pick up your September issue of  Vogue Magazine ?
It' another packed issue of beautiful clothes
and an Italian Wedding!

Happy September!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cindy Crawford 73 Questions

Cindy Crawford is one of my favorites.   Found her home beautiful thought I'd share her
answers to 73 questions.  Enjoy

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fashion For The Moments

Happy Weekend!   While  researching   new looks and what's  new on 
the runways, I'm left somewhat puzzled in what pieces I would love to own.
Love to report on  fashion favorites. Recently, I find myself creating my own fashion
looks in my mind. This is possibly,  the past fashion and favorable times
or a combination of what is now and what was then.
 Our life style is so very different now.  We run to work, gym, dinner, meetings and
sometimes it works in reverse.  Seems fashion relates to our lifestyle.
Dresses over tights,  Gym tops under jackets.  White blouse to cover everything.
Big blouses on fat days,  tight shirts on skinny days.  
Florals  and bright colors for our happy times.   Flowing tops and slacks for 
feeling  free and content.
Bottom line, we still browse  through racks and online shops to 
seek out what makes us feel and look good.  It's your fashion statement for 2017.

 Recently been a big fan of
Zara's.  It has  so many interesting pieces of clothing and its SALE time.
I also love  Lauren Santo Domingo's web site for browsing new fashion and designers

Until next time my friends! 


Friday, June 23, 2017

Dale Chihuly-Botanical Gardens

This extraordinary show throughout the Botanical gardens features more than 20 glass installations by world-renowned Seattle-based artist and entrepreneur, Dale Chihuly. The exhibit, entitled “Chihuly”, includes new pieces as well as some earlier works, offering visitors a glimpse of his artistic development through the years. I previewed the exhibit earlier this week, and it is simply breathtaking - both day and night. The NYBG worked tirelessly to ensure Chihuly’s sculptures shimmered perfectly with the surrounding plant life. The Garden even replanted certain areas in order to best complement Chihuly’s stunning creations.
I strongly encourage you and your family to stop by for a visit if you're in the New York City area. “Chihuly” starts today and runs through October 29th. Enjoy my photos.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Metropolitan Museum Gala 2017

                                Central Park tulips on our walk to the Metropolitan Museum

         Hey there  ! Today my sisters and nieces spent the day in Manhattan.
It happen be the  "Metropolitan Museum  Gala"   We walked from 50th to  79th and took in all the sites. The tent was covering the front of the museum and it was closed for the day in preparation for            the event.

Click the link below to see Gala coverage
The "E" channel will also  be covering  the Event.

Model coming out of the"The Mark"

Oher happenings around Manhattan

Around 3PM a crowd was gathering at "The Mark" 
Anna Wintour had just gone inside
It was buzzing with actors and models

Window shopping

My Niece Jessica looking good!

Bergdorf Goodmans


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Best Foods for Beautiful Skin and Hair

 Hello  Friends, Happy spring,!  Time to change up your wardrobe and show some skin.   Want to know what foods are best to show off  pretty skin and hair.    The link below has some good suggestions.  Don't forget to moisture in the summer months.   Exfoliate and project skin against too much sun. Drink lots of water and exercise.    Be well and enjoy spring!

                                              Best Food for Beautiful Hair and Skin


Best Food for Beautiful Hair and Skin





Dark Chocolate

Best Food for Beautiful Hair and Skin