Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Burberry 2014 Chic Fashion

Hey Pretty Faces!    Burberry  resort  collection 2014 is old school in a very chic way  ! Christopher Bailey 
may have captured the new hot  muses of  Suki Waterhouse and  Cara Delvingne in his resort collection !
Pictured is Suki on the streets of NYC.   Compare to the collection photos and we start comparing  style
and street smart  fashion!   Burberry  has  made  a grand  over achiever  fashion statement with on going  creative thinking behind the House of Style!   Love this collection!

The classic trench was reworked in a beautiful and precious ombre nubuck—and far too chic to save for a rainy day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Louis Vuitton- Michele Williams

Hello friends , Hope you had a fun and restful Memorial Day!  
Found these photos of Michele Williams in the Louis campaign and loved the simplicity
of the photography and the striking flawless makeup.  The classic handbag from Louis Vuitton 
also completes the campaign!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cannes Festive Glamour

Oh,to be a fly on the wall in Cannes!  Yes, it is quite a place!   I've been there a few times and can only tell you it's magical!  The French Riviera, a jaw dropping coastline .  The town of Cannes is  magnificent, even without the movie stars and paparazzi.  The streets are narrow and climb uphill,  they are lined with eateries and expensive boutiques. Old cobble stone paved streets make it oh so charming but difficult to walk in  expensive heels!  The french certainly have quite a vacation spot and a perfect place to frolic, watch movies and glamour girls.

Chanel Couture/  Blake Lively

Jessica Chastain

Kendall   Chic in a jumpsuit

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Floral Fashion

Hello, May Flowers are everywhere!  I am having a hard time finding just the right floral print skirt!   Still hunting on line and  looking through Vogue designer spring collections.
A visit to J Crew, H and M , Zara's and others.   Have they been already purchased off the racks???
If you have any suggestions, please write.  Here are photos of some favorites!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Get Healthy

Get Healthy
Let’s face it: In an unhealthy society like ours, being healthy is a revolutionary act. I just downloaded an app that supports feeling healthy in mind, body and spirit.   Today it actually spoke about the 5 love languages.   Gives you diet tips and  told me to say not to SODA!.  The app is 101 Revolutionary ways to be Healthy!Inspired by (, the “101 Ways” mobile app nudges you toward healthier daily choices and attitudes while helping you develop the practical skills and unconventional know-how you need to get and stay strong.
Give it a try!  I found the app gives great information for a better all round healthy spirit!
A mashup of the best of Experience Life magazine and, this fun app cleverly combines 101 creative healthy-living suggestions with a rich supply of smart, deep, well-researched articles you can peruse at your own pace.
It’s a daily dose of health and happiness, delivered in an enticing, interactive package that appeals to all kinds: men and women, young and old, health-motivated and health-seeking. Kids love it, too!
The ultimate objective: to inspire positive change, spark a healthy revolution, and create a world full of healthy, happy people.
Key Features:
  • “Revolutionary Act of the Day” — a daily nudge of healthy inspiration right at your fingertips on app launch
  •  “Browse” to explore all 101 Ways at your own pace, and then dig deeper into “Learn More” options, if you like
  • “Surprise Me!” and device-shaking capabilities for fun, instant discovery of randomly chosen selections
  • One-touch access to more than 450 hand-selected Experience Life articles — a well-researched healthy-living library packed with everything you need to know, from nutrition and activity to stress management (library is regularly updated with new content)
  • Embedded-Browser Sharing that lets you share Experience Life articles with family and friends via email, or on Facebook and Twitter, without ever leaving the app
  • Dual-orientation on the iPad and on select screens of the iPhone, Kindle Fire Android devices
  • One-touch links to and for access to a bottomless supply of healthy-living knowledge, resources, tools and motivation.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Anna Wintour's Met Ball

Suki Waterhouse

Holy red carpet.   What a night at the Metropolitan!  Oh, those  dresses  and who showed up in 
NYC for the Big Anna Wintour Gala at the Met??

Anna Wintour

Sarah Jessica
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Lauren Santo Domingo

Sarah Jessica and Bradley Cooper

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Met Gala

Charles James ( British born American based couturier)
The Metropolitan Museum annual gala theme

Hello, Should be a beautiful evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!   Weather is sunny with perfect temperatures.  Will be interesting to see who is attending and what they will be wearing..
It is widely judged to be the fashion world's most extravagant night out, wielding huge influence over trends on the high street. This year's red carpet will be graced by a host of celebrities including Lupita Nyong'o, Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian as well as industry VIPs and some of the wealthiest people in the world, each splashing out $25,000 (£15,000) on a ticket.
The influence of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual gala opening for its annual fashion exhibition has spread far beyond upper echelons of the industry as fashion retailers watch for a new trend that they can cash in on.
"It's probably the most looked at event in the fashion calender, even more so than the Oscars," says Gemma Hayward, senior fashion editor at Grazia magazine.
Last year's exhibition, Punk: Chaos to Couture, which examined the influence of punk on high fashion since the early 1970s, led to retailers, including Zara and, doing a roaring trade in studded sandals, while the Superheroes theme of 2008 meant that cartoon-printed superhero T-shirts littered the high street.
More recent, playful themes have been interpreted by celebrities looking to score red carpet publicity points – with mixed success. BeyoncĂ©'s take on punk in 2013 suffered charges of resembling a dictator's interior decor, and worse, of being unflattering.
However, the focus of this year's exhibition "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" – a retrospective of the 20th-century British-born, American-based couturier – may pose a problem for high-street brands looking to turn the look of the Met ball into sales. Guests are expected to embrace the high society theme with extravagant ballgowns and elbow-length gloves likely to take top billing. It is a look which, unlike last year's punk theme isn't so easy to reinterpret on the high street.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Twisted Hair

It's the weekend girls and boys!  
Found some pretty hair photos!   All the twists and turns of highlighted hair gets my attention!   Braids, chignons, pony tales, pull backs and messy pinned locks all work for pretty spring and  summer hair! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  
Keep happiness flowing , think only good thoughts!

Enjoy your day!