Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paris Fashion

Bonjour! Sunglasses, handbags and accessories from the Paris Runways are sure to be seen in Spring Retail .  Dries Van Noten and Marni Spring 2014 collections made a point of showing that accessories certainly add the spice to any pretty outfit!
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Dries Van Noten




Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten

Street Fashion in Paris

Friday, September 27, 2013

Balenciaga Shoes

It's Friday darlings!   Fashion week in  Paris is well into     runway heaven.  The designers are showing beautiful clothes on for the runways. Take a peek at Balenciaga shoes  and Bags.  The heel is a combination of woven leather and straps and suede accents. For a high heel they actually look comfortable.   It's going to be another beautiful weekend on the east coast

Monday, September 23, 2013

Giorgio Armani Spring 2014

Yes, it is September and fall is definitely upon us.  Yet you must be thinking why show these gorgeous pastels. Confused?? The  Spring 2014 fashion shows are in high gear in Milan and I don't want you to miss out on a few  of the high lights from Italian runwaysThis collection is so fresh with color and eludes  joyful emotions and yes is will be an  exciting spring .   Even the models are smiling. This is Milan's most  up lifting season in a long time. Perhaps Italy is finally in a  recovery mind set and it is showing on there runways.  Bravo Milan and Giorgio Armani!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Perfect Skin -Exfoliation

Hello sweet friends!  It's been a beautiful fall weekend , after a lovely  baby shower on Friday and a beautiful wedding with a stunning bride  on Saturday.    've seen more young and pretty skin in a few days  encourage me to what to do something about my own ruddy complexion.  I got to thinking about exfoliation and how is may help re-new, re-surface  the skin and capture that pretty glow.

By cleansing, exfoliating and properly hydrating the skin on a regular basis, you will vastly improve the health and condition of your skin and in turn the overall health of your body.

face scrub is essential for three reasons, according to Ole Henriksen, founder of the eponymous skin care brand. "Firstly, it deeply cleanses the skin, dislodging build-up in the pores and helping to break up white heads. It also smooths and refines the skin’s texture, giving it a soft, supple look. And lastly, it enhances blood flow to the face, giving the appearance of a fresh glow," explains Henriksen.
Now that you know why you need to exfoliate your face, read the three-minute guide on how to slough away all that dead skin.
Minute 1: Get familiar with your face ... again
You see the excessive dryness, but you should set aside time to thoroughly examine. Henriksen says, "Go outside in the daylight with clean skin and bring a mirror. This will help you to understand what is going on and the areas where you might need help. I believe that everyone should be their own skin care expert, and this is an essential step in getting to know your skin."
Minute 2: Start scrubbing away
Twice a week before you go to bed, splash warm water onto skin and gently exfoliate, using upward, circular motions. "I think the biggest mistake people make is being heavy-handed," says Henriksen. "A little goes a long way -- let the exfoliating particles do their job. You just want to facilitate the glide across the face, that way your skin feels great and you don’t overtreat it."
If you have frail capillaries, he suggests applying a face oil prior to using your scrub to act as an extra layer of protection for your skin. And if you notice sensitivity or redness, only exfoliate once a week.
Looking for a scrub that won't wreak havoc on your face with harsh beads? Henriksen believes that jojoba beads are extremely gentle. "What you want to be sure of is that the beads are perfectly round spheres," Henriksen adds.
Exfoliating brushes have become very popular lately thanks to Clarisonic, as well as their frequent use in various spa treatments. Be sure to keep a close eye on how your skin reacts to this tool, and cut back on use should you see an unsettling change, such as irritation or redness.
Minute 3: Rinse off and moisturize
Wash off exfoliant with warm water, then gently pat face dry with a towel. You'll want to lock in moisture with a hydrating cream or your favorite anti-aging serum before heading off to bed. Take it from us, your mornings will be much brighter (and your skin significantly smoother).

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Burberry Spring 2014

Howdy pretty people!   Hope you are having a wonderful day so far! Burberry's fashion show brings literally the outdoors on to the runway. Love the venue and the collection for spring was gentle and feminine. The see thru skirts are showing too much of the body to feel comfortable walking down the street.
However, all can be layered with a simple slip under neath.  Love the color palette and draping of the trench coat was lovely. All felt like it will be a pastel wispy Spring at Burberry!

Have a good week!