Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anna Sui Shining Star

Day 7 of fashion week made history with Anna Sui's stunning collection. A stream of mind blowing gorgeous forty style dresses strolled down the runway to a hip soundtrack. Anna, inspired by her fantasies   achieved a great  fashion moment,  An awe struck audience had their sights veered to the days of an easy going lifestyle ,flirty working girls, living life in the 40's. Hurry! someone make a documentary or movie!

  Anna paid every attention to detail right down to the ankle socks. Love the turban's, a trend on the runways.  Brilliant Collection!  The wonderful thing about fashion it  gives you the sense and feel good times are coming and things may be changing!

               See you later! Going to buy ankle socks!

Anna's Inspiration
I was inspired this season by Antonio Lopez, an illustrator and photographer in the 70s. I'm channeling the moment he went to Paris with some of his American muses, and helped introduce vintage fashion to that scene; it was a whole different aesthetic than French fashion at that time. A lot of these girls became top models – everyone from Jessica Lange to Jerry Hall to Grace Jones. He also introduced new music to the scene: the Philadelphia sound, that disco feeling, to Paris. I love that one person was able to do all this. 

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