Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting Around Paris

Out and about in Paris . The crowds have descended  like a swarm of bees. I managed to catch a ride on the hop on and off  bus which happens to be a great way to see the sites and travel around Paris . For the entire day I was able to visit my favorite spots and than catch another ride off to another part of the city.  Will keep it short because I am late for dinner.  Tout Suit!

Touring the City by Bicycle

Eating while riding a bike

I Apologize for the  error, this is not Claudia Schiffer  (It is Bridget Bardot)

On Foot is probably the fastest way to get around

         A line to Enter Louis Vuitton  on the Champs Elsysees 

Such a Long line to shop at Louis Vuitton (what recession)

Louis Vuitton Window Display

Mini Cab

Where the French take a Nap

                                         Locks of Love in Paris

In the romantic Latin Quarter of Paris, in the shadow of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, is the Pont des Arts bridge.  For years, lovestuck couples have traveled this spot to undertake one of the most romantic vandalism activities imaginable.  To ensure enduring love, couples attach a padlock to the rail of the bridge, lock it, carve their initials or a little note into the lock, then pitch the keys into the Seine River.  No more, says Parisian officials, who undertook a midnight mission to cull the locks from the bridge under cover of darkness.
They maintain that the locks on the bridge were causing damage to the 19th Century structure, and the locks had to be removed to preserve the bridge’s integrity.  A few locks remained on the bridge, possibly because whoever was charged with the removal didn’t want to also strip a few obviously antique locks from the rails.  Loving couples, undeterred by party-pooping Frenchmen, have already resumed adding locks to the bridge.

Au Revoir

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