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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winter Fashion

What to wear!  Winter is  a few weeks away and it  is already
so  brisk and cold!  Have you already worn your winter gear 
and possibly experimenting with your 2014 seasonal favorites!
I've seen touches of color in  classic coats , short furs with 
layers! Scarves long sweaters, leather, suedes and of course still warm as toast is the puffer jacket!  I've become attached  to fingerless gloves and keep them on at my computer.   Trade off between long scarves and just neck warmers!   Not feeling the overly bulky just yet.  However, when the temperature drops, fashion chic goes out the window!

Enjoy the day and welcome  in festive December!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Wear

It's th e work week!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving,
with a restful few days to recover from the holiday! 

I've been vacillating  between winter jackets, long , short , ski wear,  leather, wool and hints of fur!   Warmth becomes priority, however it's great to look chic at the same time. What's your
favorite? Just in case you have old coats you may not wear again.  Think about donating!  For local friends click here in NY and NJ
Happy November!  Stay warm and have fun in the cold weather!