Monday, May 1, 2017

Metropolitan Museum Gala 2017

                                Central Park tulips on our walk to the Metropolitan Museum

         Hey there  ! Today my sisters and nieces spent the day in Manhattan.
It happen be the  "Metropolitan Museum  Gala"   We walked from 50th to  79th and took in all the sites. The tent was covering the front of the museum and it was closed for the day in preparation for            the event.

Click the link below to see Gala coverage
The "E" channel will also  be covering  the Event.

Model coming out of the"The Mark"

Oher happenings around Manhattan

Around 3PM a crowd was gathering at "The Mark" 
Anna Wintour had just gone inside
It was buzzing with actors and models

Window shopping

My Niece Jessica looking good!

Bergdorf Goodmans