Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Apartment in Paris

Rue Moffetard

Arrived safe and sound in Paris! My friends were wonderful to allow me  to stay in this beautiful apartment in the Latin Quarter It is very close  to Notre Dame along the Seine River!  I spent the day walking in delight   exploring my neighborhood. It was such a glorious day I couldn't help but hop  a boat ride down the Seine River.    My friends are here for the French Tennis Open, so while they were busy, I took the   day to rest,  sit and people watch at the Paris cafe's. Here's is the first of the photos. 

The CourtYard

Marble Table in living room

Entrance Hall

Bedroom with balcony overlooking courtyard

Claudia Schiffer on The Dorsey Museum

Eiffel Tower  Just too big !

Ready to end the day! Bon Jour

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