Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sandals from Capri or Bendels

Buon Giorno my friends!   On Monday when I entered Henri Bendels on 5th Ave, I took a double take and wondered if I wandered into a shop in Capri!  Handmade sandals in an hour!  Women were mingling and waiting for their custom made sandals and not just flats, but wedges as well.
                        Here's the scoop!
The thing I love most about New York is that it never ceases to surprise me. . . . I have been feeling quite nostalgic lately, missing Europe in the summer, long weekends in Capri, lunches on the beach, long, carefree walks on the cobblestone streets in the late afternoon, the clean smell of lavender and fresh lemons, all those things that were so much part of my childhood. And then I walk into Henri Bendel. To my surprise, in the front window I see two cobblers weaving away at custom-made sandals from Capri. I’m intrigued. I imagine two old men will soon approach me to measure my foot. What a great idea, I think to myself. Nothing like a little European retail therapy to soothe my nostalgia—but my story gets better. As I examine the sandals, two beautiful women—former fashion models, I later find out—come to help me. Now I’m impressed with the Bendel’s sales staff (could they all be this pretty and gracious?). In a true New York moment, I quickly realize that Tove Nord and Terri Coleman are the cobblers. They are the masters behind Tuccia Di Capri, the pop-up custom-sandal shop at Henri Bendel. After years on the runway and traveling the world, these two girlfriends returned to Capri, one of their favorite spots. For months, they lived on the island and learned the art of cobbling from the true remaining masters. They then brought their craft home to America, where they set up shop in Miami and now Henri Bendel. Each pair of Tuccia Di Capri sandals is made to order on the spot (takes about one hour... just enough time to browse the newly merchandised Bendel’s accessory department—fabulous). There are 25 styles, eight leather colors, and three heel heights to choose from... and yes, Tove and Terri did measure my feet, just like in Capri! 

Get your sandals in only 30 minutes!

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