Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cashmere Classics

Wednesday meetings and you just want to feel comfortable.   Have you seen the incredible  selection  of cashmere  these days?  The styles, colors, weaves are oh so soft.  Simple, classic, light and  cozy, fashion you can feel confident walking into any meeting or holiday party. If cashmere doesn't work for you try angora. Gee I sound like a sales girl for sweaters.

Take a long coffee break today.


Grey cardigan
$330 -

Marni beaded top

ChloƩ wool shirt
$1,060 -

Rebecca Taylor knit sweater

Ymc crewneck sweater
$300 -

Cashmere v neck sweater

Uniqlo vneck shirt
$96 -

Uniqlo cashmere sweater
$96 -

Inverni beret hat
$165 -

Joe Browns joe brown
$45 -

Joe Browns joe brown
$34 -

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