Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Fashion Holiday

It's summer time and the living is easy.  Ok, sounds good, but something tells me we have to make a choice to make it easier.
You might be thinking sure and who is supposed pay for all this easy life. Just saying, take a short  getaway or adventure. Live carefree for a few days.  

Now let's envision style on this getaway.
When I think of summer and being carefree, I imagine pretty summer dresses. White sandals,  flip flops and hints of jewelry that show off  a tan.

Summer is a  great time of year to wear  jewelry!   Your skin has that  sun kissed glow. Beads, diamonds and silver bracelets  look pretty  when  out to dinner, meeting friends or even for work.   Beach wear and cover ups, look great  with  turquoise  and coral beads worn in multi strands.   They are not always in the trend, however, I still love the way  turquoise looks in the summer.

How about diamond stud earrings  that sparkle on the ear.   Have you checked out the selection of  studs  at http://www.77diamonds.com.  A London Company with an awesome selection of  classic diamonds  from earrings, necklaces and bracelets and rings. 

To sum things up  we  all need to take a mental break from our job, daily routines and lives.   Make  an  effort and  do something or go somewhere just for the change.  Wear your pretty dress and don’t forget the jewelry.   Have a summer drink and  be thankful  for caring enough to take yourself out of your routine.

Recently found  many discount travel sites such as cheap air  that are running specials .   I also found luxurylink.com for the last minute trips.  If you prefer totravel with a group try    www.goaheadtours.com.   

Ok so there you have it.   There is still time left in your summer.  Head to the beach, to the airports or to the country.  Don't  forget the summer outfits and the bling

Enjoy your summer!
Hoping I get the chance to take my own advice!

Happy Getaway!

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