Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Skin Care

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With the cold weather coming on, you need to take action now to breathe life into your looks. Here's what the experts suggest.

Winter weather affects your skin in several ways. Dry skin is the most common result of seasonal weathering. Cold winter air lacks humidity and dries up natural oils in your skin, causing it to lose its moisture [source: Casey]. Bitter winter winds also cause chapping and windburn. This leads to rough, cracked skin that can feel tight and uncomfortable. The obvious solution might seem to be to getting in out of the cold, but during the winter months, indoor heating systems dry inside air, too. Instead of finding relief indoors, you're likely to suffer an extra dose of the drying effect.

1)  Try not to take too many hot baths in the winter. 
When cold weather reigns outside, you might be tempted to soak in a hot bath, but this will cause irritated skin more harm than good. Hot water strips the oils from your skin, and if you have dry skin, you want to add as much moisture as possible. You don't need to eliminate bath time altogether, but to help your dry skin heal, you should keep your showers and baths short and use lukewarm instead of hot water.
2)  When washing your face, let water dry naturally on your skin  instead of rubbing , try patting and pressing cream onto your face.
3)  Continue to drink lots of water

4)  Use eye moisturizer during the day.  

5)  Steam showers are wonderful for your skin. Keep door closed
let skin absorb the steam as long as possible! 
6)  Eat healthy foods and plenty of salads to feed your skin

7) Don't forget to  especially moisturize your hands, neck and decollete.  

Pay close attention to your eyes

Give eyes a wake-up call by placing a tiny bit of satin white or ivory eye shadow under your brow bone and another very small dab just above your lash line in the middle of your lid.
"This will catch the light and give the illusion of brightness," says Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, a New York–based makeup artist.

Camouflage dark circles with concealer.

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