Friday, June 13, 2014

Gray is Pretty

Hey it's Friday!  Happy happy happy! It is shaping up to be pretty good weekend. New York had a full week of  gray skies. And we need to see the sun . Anyway, Is gray so bad, not really!   When observed against the  beautiful green hue of trees and grass as well as  vibrant colors in  flowers, the  gray sky  becomes a neutral backdrop! I guess we all own a  gray tee shirt and I find it's one of my favorites especially if the cotton is very soft!  Gray when  worn with a vivid skirt or pair of slacks it's just the perfect neutral combination.  Here is the  psychology behind the color gray

Postive words match with gray:  include: reliable, conservative, dignified, neutral, impartial, professional, mature, intelligent, classic, solid, stable, calming, sudued, reserved, elegant, formal and dependable.  And so there you have it!   
Enjoy your weekend!

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