Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fashion For The Moments

Happy Weekend!   While  researching   new looks and what's  new on 
the runways, I'm left somewhat puzzled in what pieces I would love to own.
Love to report on  fashion favorites. Recently, I find myself creating my own fashion
looks in my mind. This is possibly,  the past fashion and favorable times
or a combination of what is now and what was then.
 Our life style is so very different now.  We run to work, gym, dinner, meetings and
sometimes it works in reverse.  Seems fashion relates to our lifestyle.
Dresses over tights,  Gym tops under jackets.  White blouse to cover everything.
Big blouses on fat days,  tight shirts on skinny days.  
Florals  and bright colors for our happy times.   Flowing tops and slacks for 
feeling  free and content.
Bottom line, we still browse  through racks and online shops to 
seek out what makes us feel and look good.  It's your fashion statement for 2017.

 Recently been a big fan of
Zara's.  It has  so many interesting pieces of clothing and its SALE time.
I also love  Lauren Santo Domingo's web site for browsing new fashion and designers

Until next time my friends! 


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