Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall Collage 2011

Fall clothes have replaced most of the  summer sale racks. If you are loving the beach scene, we definitely still want to enjoy the last few weeks of glorious summer.  However,some of the best  fall selections have  already  been snatched from the selling floor. No worries my friends. Online shopping is here  with full warehouses.  
Here's a few  links for our  high school and collage crowd: 
Old Navy

If you click Tatanka's beach photo it will take you to July  post 2010. Happy to report according to stats on google there has been traffic of over 64,000 friends passing by over my first 12 months of blogging with madison muse.  
Hope to bring another year of fashion and design news in 2011-2012!
Thank you for all the support!

If you click the lemon photos it will take you to my very first blog in July 2010

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