Sunday, October 9, 2011

Columbus Day

We don't want to go to the parade!

Can you  believe it's October 9th and the temperature hit  86 degrees  at the Jersey Shore . This is the last weekend to take advantage of the warm sun and lovely beach time. Bosley and Tatanka were sad to say goodbye. We walked into town and  enjoyed the festivities  and observed the parade for Columbus Day. Sadly after the day was over, ventured home to  close up the beach house for the winter months. Be back to the shore in the  Spring!
Happy Columbus Day!

Empty Beaches and lone sun bather

He is happy to have his private beach back

Closing up the beach House

One Last swim

Parade Route in Seaside

Miss New Jersey

Crowds for the Columbus Day Parade at the Jersey Shore

Queen for the Day

Miss New Jersey High School

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