Tuesday, October 25, 2011

French Style

Today my lovelies  we take a  short glimpse at French style !  The most notable are the fireplaces  and hearths with their beautiful stone motifs and large openings.  So we look to the french  not only for fashion  but for interior style.  Take a look at a few photos of French Details and interiors
Side Note:
We all know the stereotype: French women are commonly thought to have impeccable style. Though this may just be a vast generalization, it’s certainly true that many French women have become fashion icons due to their unique, effortless senses of fashion. French women just seem to have that extra little something – or should I say, that je ne sais quoi – that sets them apart from the rest, style-wise.
 Quote: Fashion Fades only style remains  "Coco Chanel"

Douglas Home in Montecito with ocean views

Douglas Estate

Diandra Douglas's  Home in Montiecito

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