Monday, January 2, 2012

A Brilliant 2012

Welcome to 2012 lovely people! It has been a challenging 2011.    Have you noticed the positive  spirit of people this holiday? It gave me a  feeling  of encouragement and hope for the new year. We ponder our thoughts challenges,responsibilities, goals, aspirations,dreams and hopes for our year ahead. 
 Last year I bravely posted my goals.  January Blog 2011.  And through the year have checked back to see if I was on track.  It seems I managed to follow through on all but one important goal so this year that will be the first on my list.  I invite you to create your list and include one dream at the end! Sleep and focus on them each night and I hope you will share your results with me through the year!
I mentioned this book before and can be downloaded to ipad's or purchased through amazon (Essentials Of Fabulous) great for motivation! Another great reading is (The Courage to Be Brilliant)

My List

1)   Continue to finish my book!
2)  Do great things, even if it means putting up a simple feeder for the birds or lending a hand to help people around me!
3)    Blog  with passion and excitement
4)    Take more street photography
5) Continue to Create and design!  
6)   Take simple steps to achieve dreams
7)   Test my will power
8)   Limit sugar and carb intake
9)  Post photos for inspiration on  a wall
10) Stay up an hour later to read!
11)  Don’t be mediocre but think before action!
12)Focus on work progress with notes in my journal.
13)   Be available for family and friends first!
14)Help others to succeed 
16) Plan a Trip!
15)   Get on with it!

There I did it!  Now it's your turn!

To a Brilliant 2012!

Send Me your fashion, street or inspiration photos for posting!

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