Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Skinny on 2012

Oh to be blessed with skinny legs.   If you love carbs and  adore sugar is there any hope for us?  Probably not unless we follow  a resolution to stay focused and realize that carbs and sugar are contributing  fat and cellulite  to our delicate figures.   I did some hunting for help on the dilemma. (The links are active)
As luck have it  on the  Today Show  Jan. 4th, they spoke about a book the The Secret to Skinny! The writers are twins and the advise made  good sense. Get lots of good sleep, because your body burns calories with less eating,  snack on protein and stay focused on vegetables!  Another great diet, that my good friend  Denise as tried is the Dukan Diet,  she had high marks,dropped weight and looks wonderful! Another hint that a massage therapist just gave to me is the Dry Brush technique Dry Brush for Cellulite.  Exercise Bike, walking and treadmills work for movement!  See videos for some below for exercises!  Off to the gym! Come on along we can do it!

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