Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashionably Blue

Mid Week Blues!  Love the color for spring and summer.  
Blue fashion for inspiration!

Blue is the overwhelming "favorite color." Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable, and committed.

The color of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. As the collective color of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming. However, not all blues are serene and sedate.Electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic -- an engaging color that expresses exhilaration. Some shades or the overuse of blue may come across as cold or uncaring.Indigo, a deeper blue, symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery, and spiritual realization. While blue is the color of communication with others, indigo turns the blue inward to increase personal thought, profound insights, and instant understandings.Blue is the least "gender specific" color, having equal appeal to both men and women.


  • Calms and sedates
  • Cools
  • Aids intuition

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  1. I was looking for s similar shade to paint my nails. I love this color :)


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