Monday, November 12, 2012

Bottega Veneta Style

A look at Bottega Veneta Spring 2013 for your Madison Monday! Superior styling and beautiful dresses! Let's take a peek!
Tomas Maier's workmanship that made these dresses so special—they were very obviously labored over but never belabored. Take the day dress worn by Ruby Aldridge, collaged from two different flower prints, the bodice folded and pintucked and the seams, all of them, edged with glossy strips of snakeskin lined with matte bronze studs. It will cost a fortune, but it'll be worth every cent. Same goes for a party dress in a Givernylike floral with wispy, frayed-edge sleeves that was crisscrossed with diagonal lines of gleaming jet lozenges descending into dense clusters at the hem. "It's about making women feel confident," Maier said backstage. Confident—and beautiful. There wasn't a man or woman in the room who wasn't seduced.

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  1. Just had to pin that first dress, lovely write-up Carmie, I had no idea so much detail went into the construction of that garment. I'm always excited by unique craftsmanship and this is a beautiful end product.

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