Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wedding Day Style

Weekend friends it is a hot  day on this  June 1st . It's wedding time !  Don't get wrapped up in the temperature, stay cool!

 Many lovely visions come to mind on wedding day . Aside from the beauty of a new bride.  It may be the simplicity of  the church,    the groom's hair,  a  young flower girl, pastel colors on a women with pale skin,   shiny hair, pretty painted nails,  green grass cut for the event!  Peony flowers. A pretty pair of pastel heels. Kind words from friends you haven't seen.   Mother of bride with a adoring pretty smile.  The photographer in white shirt and black pants a little nervous. Grandma with her white hair.  Pretty lipstick colors,   White table cloths and silver,  pretty pastries,  barefoot girls at the end of the night!

It's all memories! 

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