Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chanel Accessories for 2014

It's all about the  accessories in Paris!   Who better to design the conversation  pieces  then Karl Lagerfeld  at Chanel. 
It's magic at the house of Chanel for spring 2014.   With Chanel's  accessory business grossing multi millions. Here  were endless  jewelry, handbags and shoes that will be  sold in boutiques across the globe. Amazing as well are the second hand business for these Chanel collectibles.  The Chanel runway was mastered by an  artist.  And no idea was left out of the mix.  Let's see what pieces make to the shops in 2014!   Oh!  by the way I found an article from the  UK that gave suggested hints, "The secret beauty tips from french women"  How to stay young!

Have a lovely day!   Au Revoir!

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