Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Prada Art Exhibit

Hello,  After viewing Prada's runway, thought I'd share the art work that was displayed on her new fashion collection . Is it a spring collection? Not really! Check out the printed furs. Can't imagine the labor intensive printing and sewing that went into these garments.
Miuccia Prada loves contradictions in her work.  In this collection she transposed public art onto expensive wardrobes.  She gathered the help from specific artist. 
El Mac from the United States, Mesa from Spain, Gabriel Specter from Canada, Stinkfish from Colombia, Jeanne Detallante from France (she works in the U.S.), and Pierre Mornet from France. What you say about it is up to you, but bear in mind Mrs. Prada said she was inspired by “the political wall art from Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera.”    Interesting to see how this collection will be displayed  in the  Prada retail shops . A bit exhibitionist for my taste.
Have a good work week!

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