Monday, January 6, 2014

Fashionable Resolutions 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

Hello !  Are you back to work after the long  holiday   celebrations.  Isn't it the  time of year when we ponder over the year past  and  look for new experiences and good things  to happen in 2014!  Are there  changes that you my friends are planning???   Trips, Diets,  more exercise , a new project,   a career change,  move to a big city or closer to a beach?  This might be your year to for greatness so don't miss the opportunity.
  I compiled my resolution list as I do each year just to keep myself in check from time to time!   Sometimes it's easy to get lost in day to day activities and lose track of your purpose and path. The resolution list  helps monitor your progress, even if you don't achieve most of the things on your list keep going and work at it!  

So here it goes my resolutions for 2014!  Want to share yours?

1) Be fearless!   Don't be afraid to try new experiences !
2) Develop  a healthy routine 
3) Step outside the box and see things from a different        perspective 
4) Think ahead!   Don't wait until  it is too late to make plans
5) Go to the movies more!
6) Take my camera everywhere!
7) Live simple and donate excess items
8) Imagine something wonderful happening each day!  
9) Spend more time designing
10)Publish my book!
11)Take more road trips on weekends!
12)Try new recipes!

Waiting for yours!


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