Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diane Keaton Style

Diane Keaton has a style all her own and has continued to be a fashion icon all these years. The quirky hats and man trousers with ties and vests has been her trade mark. She was able to carry the look with a  5"8" frame and slender body.  

Bio: Keaton was born in January 5th, 1946 as Diane Hall in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Dorothy Deanne (née Keaton; 1921–2008), was a homemaker and amateur photographer, and her father, Jack Newton Ignatius Hall (1921–1990), was a real estate broker and civil engineer.] Her father, from Nebraska, came from an Irish American Catholic background, and her mother, originally from Kansas, came from a Methodist family. Keaton was raised a Methodist by her mother. Her first ambition to become an actor came after seeing her mother win the "Mrs. Los Angeles" pageant for homemakers. Keaton has said that the theatricality of the event inspired her to become a stage actor. She has also credited Katharine Hepburn, whom she admires for playing strong and independent women, as one of her inspirations.

Diane Keeps Getting Better

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