Monday, April 23, 2012

Designer Apartment in Paris

Designer L'Wren Scott Paris Apartment
Monday is a  bit wild! I even took a mild tumble down a short flight of stairs.  So  here right from the pages of Vogue I expose you to L'Wren Scotts pretty palace!
This turn-of-the-century Left Bank apartment is just one of the homes the ultradiscreet American fashion designer L’Wren Scott has put together for life with her rock-’n’-roll legend of a partner, Mick Jagger. And the serene, delicately airy atmosphere is about as far from glitzy rock-star louche as could be imagined—evidence of Scott’s razor-eyed talent for combining iconic mid-twentieth-century furniture, antique treasures, and souvenirs of family life. Why Paris, though? “I have a showroom here,” Scott says, loping across an expanse of blond parquet—six foot three in her bare feet, a thirties silk peach-and-yellow peignoir wafting over her 42-inch skinny-jeaned legs. “The fabric and lace people are in Paris. Plus, I can design in my office and close myself off.”
The lofty high-­ceilinged drawing room, with its original moldings, forties chandeliers, and long parade of shot taffeta–curtained windows, appears on this early spring day to be painted a lovely pale dove-gray. “Actually, it’s four colors,” she remarks, extending a long finger to point out subtle lavenders and other shades in the neoclassical coving and cornices. “I took nine months choosing paint, seeing what looked good on bright days, wintry days, in summer, at night.” She had the flowing curtains dyed by the same silk manufacturers she uses to whip up (or rather drape and sculpt with fanatical care for the view from every angle) her signature taffeta evening dresses.

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