Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sartorialist Love Story Deserves The Award

                                                 The photographer and the Illustrator

 Once upon a time, Scott Schuman from ( and Garance DorĂ© (   were fashion bloggers and  fell very much in love. Not only that, but they  are nominated  together for a media award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.CFDA   They are being presented on June 4th at Lincoln Center (Click Here).  And that is only the beginning.

Since starting my blog back in 2010, I became aware of bloggers who have pushed the envelope and made it  into the fashion and media world. Two  people, being Scott a photographer from NYC  and Garance an Illustrator from France. This will be the first time the Counsel Designers Award as gone to fashion bloggers.  Hats off to both of them  for all there hard work !  It's funny how destiny presents itself where you least expect it.  Especially since media blogging has only been around for a short time.  Their love story has a  movie  tale script and sequel  that should be  written, especially because it all happens in the streets, were they happen to meet five years ago at Paris Fashion Week.  The New York Times did a wonderful piece on their story! click Here.  The pair has fine talent and the wonderful street photography adds a human artistic approach to the world of fashion.
                                                                                Cheers to their brilliant  journey!

Click Here for Video

The 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards will take place Monday, June 4 at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center.

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