Thursday, August 29, 2013

White Shirt Style!

Hello! Getting through our work week and close to the end of  summer months. Here we go with yes another post on the ever classic white shirt.    A rich cotton piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion.  Not just at work, great for beach, casual wear and evening as well.   Take a peek at yet another
amazing way to wear white. 

By the way, looking forward to Fashion September with Mercedes Benz  fashion week at Lincoln  Center!  The streets  of NY from Sept 5th through the 12th will be a wonderland  of local and  international   designers, models, photographers and  PR people. 

An outdoor lunch near Lincoln Center during the Sept 5th -12th will be a good time as well as shopping around town .  Lots of events, giveaways, beauty and makeup sessions along with department store fashion shows and celebrity promotions all   around town.      Hope to run into you the New York dear friends!

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  1. I love white shirts. I'm really into sleeveless ones right now


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