Thursday, January 22, 2015


Hello Loves, Do you want Glorious H A I R!  With all the hair products out on the market . We all can relate to wanting a nice full mane of  shiny thick hair. Winter hair may become dull with lack of vitamin D from the sun, heated  homes and cold weather.  During your weekends try deep conditioning hair mask or better yet, treat yourself to a salon conditioning appointment!

We've discussed in previous posts how healthy beautiful hair begins with  1st, heredity and 2nd, how well we treat our bodies. The foods we eat and our environment has an effect on our hair!  Medications, stress, too much sun, smoking, drinking, and bad eating habits, including too much sugar  reflects in our appearance.  Your hair loves water, fruits, veggies and proteins!  Funny but  think of your scalp as landscape and fertilize well! Hair color, coats the hair shaft and adds volume. Highlighting in most cases lifts the color. So be sure to condition and use leave in conditioner before blowing drying.  Never hurts to check in 
to a holistic approach to great hair.    More about Hair Care

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