Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back to France

Cannes, France

Hello sweet people!   Missing my French friends  and the beauty of the
amazing journey through France with girl friends.   My hope was to blog through
the vacation, However, Internet connections did not go well in the area of Nice and Provence.
Will post  some photos and little bits about the trip!
Still, on  busy days I sit and day dream I'm riding the train along the Mediterranean!

Cannes was much more crowded than I remember!  Blockades every where.
When I used to vacation there  there were barely any tourists just french
vacationers.   However, it still is a magical place on the ocean.  One
could feel, the thrill of  the  Elite Movie  Festival. Cannes has 12 hours of sun light
each day and sits on the Mediterranean.  We took a train from Nice (approx 30 min)
the views  were  dreamy! 
I purchased my first Chanel bag in Cannes! 

Au revoir!

Cassis /  My favorite part of Provence

Cassis Cafe

Beach in Canne, France
Avignon, France  ( Provence region)

Chateau La Costa Winery near Cezanne's Studio (French Painter)
studio below

 On our trip  to France we met  a lovely lady, Wendy Roehrig.  She  adored Chanel and made it over
to 31 Cambon in Paris.  Wendy just sent me photos of her with Coco Chanel
Thank you Wendy!

Under the Tower

Sienna Miller on a poster in Paris

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