Monday, July 6, 2015

Emily in France

Hi Emily,   Enchante!  ( translation: Please to meet you!)

Hello, Just got back in the states after an exceptional  experience and vacation to France.   We met wonderful  people during our stay.  One lovely up and coming pretty model was Amanda and her grandmother Amy! She was kind enough to do some quick photo ops and you can see she has a great future ahead of her.   Couldn't resist the opportunity after seeing her in those shoes purchased in Nice!

By the way, my friends and I just missed the Paris haute couture Fashion shows,on July 5th.   Versace runway was showing beautiful sheers with threads of loving flower head pieces. See below

Took a photo through the doors of the GRAND PALAIS where employees
were setting up for a  fashion show

Flower market.   Maybe where Versace designers found influence in their collection

Thank You for posing Amanda!

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