Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bensoni Spring Collection

The seventies are still alive on  the runway for spring.   Benjamin Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon are taking  seventies leap for Spring for Bensoni. The opener, an ankle-skimming button-fly acid-washed denim skirt unbuttoned past the knee, looked like printed silk and had none of denim's usual heft. Paired with a delicate tie-back racer in an abstract feather print, it set the tone for a confident and well-edited outing. 

For night, long hemlines got the ax. Pops of acid green and neon pink replaced the taupe's and nudes. Organza pleats on the skirts were kitted out with whorls of shredded lace; all the short, bright, and pleated party gear had an appropriately exuberant spirit. Before the presentation, Clyburn and Yoon said they'd been encouraged to take risks this season—they're extremely young, after all—and it's safe to say the gamble paid off. It will be exciting to watch this pair continue  their visions in future collections


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