Friday, May 6, 2011

Cannes Film Festival 2011 and Chanel

This year, when I hear "Cannes Film Festival", I reflect on the Chanel 2011 Resort collection!
Visiting Cannes, France is a dreamy experience.  Best seen when the festival is not in full swing.   Karl Lagerfeld's   resort collection  is  so reflective of the atmosphere and climate  in the South of France that I want keep watching the video for the South of France day dream getaway. Anyway, my friends the  film festive starts on May 7th in Cannes. Pronounced "Can" Here is a brief summary of the event!  And the best part is the fashion from the  Chanel resort collection to put you in the mood!  PS.  Faye Dunaway's Photo was chosen for the festival this year!

The Festival de Cannes is the most ultimate and awaited party that goes long for 12 days, this year (2011) from May 11th to 21th – usually the Cannes Film Festival is between the second and third week of May – and is basically reknowned for its international film industry awards which are basically judged by panel of esteemed judges. Normally, about 250.000 visitors which comprise of film-makers, porn stars and wannabes gather for this grand festival on La Croisette which takes place as a a parade of famous celebrities that walk down the Red Carpet.

This photo of Faye Dunaway was taken by Jerry Schatzberg in 1970.

Model of sophistication and timeless elegance, it is an embodiment of the cinematic dream that the Festival de Cannes seeks to maintain.

Movies to pay attention to at the Cannes Festival
The Tree of Life
The most hotly anticipated and longest-awaited Cannes entry, Terrence Malick’s fantastical coming-of-age story stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn as father and son – in different time periods.
We Need to Talk About Kevin
After a long absence, Scottish director Lynne (Ratcatcher) Ramsay returns with this adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s provocative bestseller. Tilda Swinton stars as the mother of a teenager who goes on a killing spree at high school.
The Skin I Live In
Spanish maestro Pedro Almodóvar branches into new territory with this story of a man obsessed with creating a new kind of skin that can shield human beings from any danger. Antonio Banderas stars.
Sleeping Beauty
An intriguing prospect from Australian debut director Julia Leigh, who wrote the screenplay from her own novel. A modern reworking of the fairy tale – with erotic overtones, apparently.
What’s the great controversialist Lars von Trier up to? Kirsten Dunst plays a bride celebrating her marriage as a planet called Melancholia heads towards Earth.

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