Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Classic Neutrals in Fashion

Lovely sunny  day  here on the east coast!   Today 's post shows the classic neutrals for spring!  When  in doubt on what to  wear turn to the basics  .  Yes, neutrals   look terrific with a tan and dark skin .  However, there is something poetic  when pale skin and neutrals  walk into a room. Especially with a red or pink lipstick.  Accessorize all the way with leathers of belts and handbags. Don't forget  the sunglasses!

Ralph Lauren Spring 

Ralph Lauren Spring

Ralph Lauren Spring

 A Detacher (designer Mona Kowalska)

Jill Sander

Hermes Spring


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  1. I love the leather tote you selected.Such a lovely post :)

  2. I just adore neutrals. I love all these things so much!


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