Friday, June 17, 2011

Resort Collection From NO.21

Happy Friday beautiful ladies! Today I found a Resort collection from Alessandro Dell'Acqua designer of his new company NO. 21,  the company  is named after the designers birth date)

 Alessandro Dell’Acqua was born on December 21st, 1962 in Naples, Italy. He studied at the Art Institute of Naples graduating in 1981.  In 1982 he started working for the Marzotto Group as well as Maska, Byblos and Gilmar. He worked with Genny alongside Gianni Versace, who was also there. He also spent some time designing for Les Copains and Iceberg. Initially he specialized in knitwear and worked as an apprentice to Pietro Pianforini, the famous knitwear designer. He rose to be Head Designer for them in 1988. He also worked with a small group of artisans in a mill in Bologna, Italy. He credits this group, who now work for him, with the unusual delicacy of his hand-finished knitwear, lace mohair was particularly beautiful when used by him.
 Today Alessandro, has created his own line( NO. 21), his resort collection is a fantastic blend of soft knits, intricate blouses and beautiful slacks and dresses.  I see the italian girl on the street in all of  his clothes.  The tailoring is  amazing and adore they way the hug the body, would wear the entire collection.

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