Monday, June 20, 2011

Putting on the Ritz- Stella McCartney

Photo is just a fun shot of  man tailoring for today's Post!

Stella McCartney puts on the ritz with man tailoring and some very cool prints for her resort collection 2012. Love the hounds tooth skirt and her hints of peek a boo color blocking.

 Oh, by the way I may have mentioned  my little secret . Shopping in the  men's department.(no, not for men but for  clothes) Especially  those  large  white tailored shirts and handsome jackets.  Check out " Theory" for men. The best is the sale racks in the men's department, because there, you will fine the most well made shirts, slacks and jackets for almost nothing.. 

Gee, I wandered away for a minute and better get back to Stella.
Haven't we all noticed how her fashion designs have really matured from early years, what impresses me most is the way she seems to have added the classic Brit  personality keeping it simple, flirty and sassy! Keep designing Stella, its getting better all the time!  (Wasn't that a Beatles Song) It's getting better all the time

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