Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Au revoir Paris

Today is my last day in Paris..It has been delightful.  I've seen the sights, walked a 100 miles all over the city.  Spent time with my friends, who are wonderful, ate in delicious, cafes,  bistro's  and fancy restaurants.  Visited  the  little pastry shops, of which have never tasted so many delectable treats so light and sweet!  Toured  the cathedrals, shopped on the elegant streets of Paris. Took hundreds of photos and most of all came away with  a treasure of knowledge and the yearning to come back to Paris!  The people in Paris were very  warm and friendly.  Staying in the Latin Quarter is a recommendation. You can feel comfortable in the local  neighborhood scene and are never treated like a tourist.  Remember to open your conversation with Bonjour and the french will love you ! 

 Porsche Year 1953

Here are photos of the St Honore shopping area where Hermes, Chanel, Paul Smith, Kenzo and many other high end designer shops are located! It's been a pleasure to share my trip!
A' Bientot

Hermes Window




au revoir

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  1. What amazing photos! Making us want to book a flight to Paris :-)


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