Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion Night In NYC

Wow oh Wow!  Fashion Night Out was one big 
extravaganza  and gigantic fashion party throughout NYC and  Macy's Herald  Square joined the party like I've never seen.  The store was jammed with  celebrities , models, fashion designers, music bands, and dancers.  The streets were filled with fashionistas and tents catering to Fashion Night  Why not? NYC  is certainly  the fashion capital of the world...

Coco Rocha for (Karl Lagerfeld muse of the moment)
Chanel  Fashion for Macy's was seen everywhere in the store.  Today Eighteen countries are celebrating Fashion Night Out!  I apologize but it was impossible to be at all the great locations  and parties. The tweet photo was only a sample of some of exciting events happening.. Jessica Parker at Manolo Blahnik. Darn I missed that one... Anyway it was a great fashion day!
See the live video below with Carson Presley
Coco was on the far right at last nights conference

Macys Fashion Night Out at 6:00PM

Fashion Night Out  Signature Bag

Macy's Sales Person


Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Chanel (Karl Lagerfeld's Tee)

Anna Della Russo making a guest appearance

Dancers from the Play "Chicago"

Just 1 min of twitter tweets of Fashion Night Out

See Macy's Video Here

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  1. I was there are well/ had a blast.. Great pictures.



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