Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago

The thoughts for today are with  the fallen heros and the families they have left behind. You will forever be engraved in our memories.  

This poem is dedicated to Lt.,John Crisci and to all those brave fightfighters and police officers who perished to save thousands of lives. Their names will be forever remembered by us, who still grieve their loss, and immensely admire their courage and bravery. COURAGE AND HOPE
That September morning New York City
was glittering under a new sun,
but soon that bustling energy
sparkling in everyone's eyes stopped to shine...

Airplanes slammed into the North and South towers,
terrifying screams pierced the smokey air;
sirens wailing: the airborne enemy had stricken twice...
to afflict death upon the innocent and frail!

Whenever we go back there, we don't see that empty space:
the earth still violently shakes...
and the sky swiftly turns dark and fierce,
as they reach out for those helping hands of grace!

Those who survived are immensely grateful
to the ones who gave their lives and call;
and those who died will be rewarded by a just God,
who blesses the meek and curses the proud!

Let's all remember what happened on that tragic day,
and if we still shed tears and sorrow persists today...
let's be glad that they paved the way for us:
to make us aware of other imminent dangers!

Copyright 2005 by Andrew Crisci

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